Anna Laakso, piano/artistic director 2021/chamber music

Anna Laakso is a versatile musician and performer who works in diverse fields of art and entertainment. As a pianist, Anna is especially competent in chamber music and lied but she thrives also as a soloist. During her career, Anna has collaborated with a range of different art groups, such as theatre and dance groups. She has been expanding her expertise by working with an array of artists with different cultural backgrounds.

Anna has performed in multiple concerts and festivals in Finland. (Such festivals include: Helsinki Festival, The Loviisa Sibelius Festival, Turku Music Festival, Riihimäki Summer Concerts...)
She has also performed internationally collaborating with artists such as Ivry Gitlis and Zoltan Kocis.

Anna resides in Rovaniemi, Finland's northernmost province, Lapland. From 2004, Anna has collaborated closely with Lapland Chamber Orchestra lead by conductor John Storgårds. Her work includes playing in the orchestra, performing as a chamber musician and a soloist as well as leading diverse projects as a pianist, singer and presenter.

Anna studied at the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki and gratuated with a Master in Music in 2008. Her teachers include Tuija Hakkila, Heini Kärkkäinen and Carlos Juris. Anna's passion towards chamber music was awakened by teachers such as Paavo Pohjola, Ralf Gothoni, Ilmo Ranta and Ilan Gronich.

Anna has worked with several composers recording and performing their work at Tampere Biennale and Musica Nova festivals. She has recorded the music of Kaija Saariaho for the record company ”Ondine” together with violonists Antti Tikkanen and Minna Pesola. Anna recalls performing at the world premier of chamber music - opera "Wunderbar" by Lotta Wennäkoski as a very memorable experience.

Anna has received artists' grants from the Finnish State and the Finnish Cultural Fund in the years 2013 and 2016. She is the founder of a music society called "Valoa Kamariin" (Light to the Chamber). She takes great pride in organising events and creating content for the society. Anna is the second artistic director of Nurmes Summer Academy& Summer concerts.

Between the years of 2013-2021, Anna has worked as the musical director at Rovaniemi Theatre.  for the town theatre of Kemi, Finland.

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