Sibelius Academy Open University courses

1v23 HISTORY OF CHAMBER MUSIC (1,5 study points / credits)

The history of Chamber music focuses on ensembles and repertoires of  the "common practice" age of tonal music from the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

The course includes lectures, printed course material and a final exam.  With adequate work and an accepted final exam a student will get 1.5 credits in Sibelius Academy.  The lectures may be attended by anyone applied for the course.

Tutor: Musician, Master of Arts Ville Komppa

Place: Hyvärilä Holiday and Youth Centre, Lomatie 12, Nurmes

Fee: 80 € (including registration fee 20 €)


1v23 MUSIC THEORY  (1 study point / credit)

The course concentrates in the basics of theory and analysis capabilities, particularly form the viewpoint of rehearsing a piece chamber music.  You will study the foundations of form, keys, phrases and harmonic structure of a work of music using examples, literary soruces and by playing. Yes! You will play during this course!

The participants intending to complete the course and earn credits for Sibelius Academy are supposed to have completed music theory D1 course. With active participation and some extra assignments the course will entitle to 1 credit in Sibelius Academy. The additional assignments will be counted in of music theory courses 1 and 2 of Sibelius Academy should the be incompleted.

Tutor: Musician, Master of Arts Ville Komppa

Place: Hyvärilä Holiday and Youth Centre, Lomatie 12, Nurmes

Fee: 80 € (including registration fee 20 €)


ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE (1 study point / credit)

Alexander Technique is a practical method to understand the balance of body and soul and the interaction between them. Numerous performing artists are familiar with Alexander Technique and using the technique regularly.

A week in Nurmes Summer Academy provides inspiring circumstances to work with art and oneself. Working in groups helps us identify the the problems and changllenges and, of course, the solutions.

Each participant will have also at least one private session.

The tutor of Alexander Technique, cellist Lauri Angervo started to study the F.M. Alexander Technique in 1995 in Bremen. 2003 he graduated tutored by Dan Armon. Angervo teaches Alexander Technique in Finland and Germany.

Tutor: cellist, Alexander Technique teacher Mr. Lauri Angervo

Place: Hyvärilä Holiday and Youth Centre, Lomatie 12, Nurmes

Fee: 80 € (including registration fee 20 €)

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