Welcome in Nurmes Summer Academy  3.-11.7.2021!

Nurmes Summer Academy & Summer Concerts is filled with skill, knowledge and hope. 
You are warmly welcomed to enjoy the festival with us!

The most versatile summer music course in Finland offers instrumental masterclasses as well as a masterclass for established chamber groups.

Workshops include chamber music, chamber music with the artist-instructor, performance skill classes, Alexander-technique, chamber music history and music analysis for chamber musicians.

Tuition fee 380 € include private lessons (5 x 45 min.), at least one optional workshop and free access to Summer Concerts.


Tuition fee for chamber groups is 260€/group member (5 x 45 min. lessons), including one optional workshop and free access to concerts.  

Student concerts are included in the Nurmes Summer Concerts festivalprogram. Read more about the program here!

The artists and instructors of Summer Academy 2021:

Piano: Tuija Hakkila, Antti Hotti, Anna Laakso and Mikael Kemppainen (chamber pianist)
Organ, harpsichord ja Baroque workshop: Markku Mäkinen
Violin: Antti Tikkanen, Minna Pensola ja Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch
Baroque violin and viola d´amore: Sirkka Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch
Viola: Lilli Maijala
Cello: Robert Cohen and Lauri Angervo
Flute and traverso: Mikael Helasvuo
Clarinet: Harri Mäki
Kantele (the Finnish zither): Eija Kankaanranta
Alexander technique: Lauri Angervo
Chambermusic history and Music analysis: Ville Komppa
Performance skills: Timo Vuento
Chamber music for ensembles: Meta4 violinists Antti Tikkanen and Minna Pensola

Questions: nurmesmusicacademy@gmail.com

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