Concert Tickets and Safety Information

Buy tickets now! The ticket sales is hosted by travel agency Äksyt Ämmät. 
Access the online store here:

* Due to the covid-19 safety measures the amount of tickets is limited.
* The ticket prices for each concert you will find both in the online store as well as in the concert listing.
* Price categories: Basic / Retired / Students, Children, Unemployed
* Note the great offer of the Concert Pass for 100 euros. It guarantees access and programs to all events.

* The customers of OP bank will get a discount of the Concert Pass and of the single tickets for concerts "Piazzolla 100 years - tango passion in the Karelian fields and "Big Final Bash!". More information coming on week 23.
Safety information:

The event will observe the current pandemic situation, and all courses and concerts will be held according to official instructions and regulations. We strongly recommend buying tickets in advance through our ticket sale

Some of the concerts have a free entrance, but we’re always grateful for any support you may offer the association. 

You can purchase the programme leaflet in advance and you can collect it at the concert hall in exchange for the receipt. 

You can print or show the receipt from your mobile device. 

 If you need to buy the ticket by the concert venue, we kindly ask you to arrive early to the concert hall and bring either your credit card or the exact change of the ticket price. On the spot ticket sale opens an hour before the concert.

We kindly ask you to keep a safety distance at the venue. Concert venues are large enough to keep an excellent distance between the concert guests. Please only sit next to the members of your own party.

We remind you not to arrive at the concert if sick or having any signs of a covid-infection. 

We ask you to avoid any unnecessary walking in the concert venue. We will provide you with hand sanitizers and kindly ask all the concert guests to use it. 

We warmly welcome you to join us in enjoying exquisite live music!
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