Timo Vuento, actor and workshop of performing skills

Timo Vuento is a member of the Theatre of Rovaniemi. Prior to his present engagement Timo has been acting in theatres of Hämeenlinna and Rauma as well as dance theatres Raatikko and Status Fer. Timo has also had roles in summer theatres Meri-Oulu and Törnävä and TV and film, too. He has directed various summer theatre works 2009-2012 like Saranat ja sardiinit (Michael Faryn), Tääl tänäp tähthousu (Heli Laaksonen) and Saun (laaksonen-Rahman).

Among the most appreciated various works are productions of The Soldier's Tale (Stravinsky). The text of Ramuz was dramatized by Timo to fit in a shortened trio version of Stravinsky in Nurmes Summer Academy & Concerts 2015. 

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