Tuition and rehearsal facilities

The tuition facilities are located in Hyvärilä Kartanohotel, Navetta, Pielisareena, Nurmes-talo, Kirkkokatu School, Nurmes church and Rukoushuone (chapel). The rehearsal facilities are at the Kirkkokatu School, which has plenty of classrooms available. You may also practice in the accommodation facilities during the day time. Kirkkokatu School is open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. You can book a room  using the reservation form/list which is found at the door of each rehearsal room.

Organ masterclass is organized at The Lutherian Church of Nurmes. Rehersal facilities are at Parish Houses in Porokylä and next to Kirkkokatu School. Cembalo classes are taking place in Orthodox Church of Nurmes. 

The Academy offers transportation by small buses which operate scheduled between Hyvärilä, Kirkkokatu School and other rehersal or concert venues. The bus leaves every 30 minutes from both Hyvärilä and Nurmestalo from 7.45 to 13.15 and every 60 minutes from 13.15 to 22.15.

The buses also serve the concert traffic.

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