Instrument and group tuition, workshops and courses


Participation fee is 390 € including personal instrument tuition, concerts, workshops and courses

Each participant will have personal teaching 5 x 45 min. If approved by the artistic director and considering students' viewpoints, some of the tutors may organize master classes. Every student will have the right to participate at least in one workshop or course.

Instruments: flute, traverso (Mikael Helasvuo), clarinet (Harri Mäki), piano (Tuija Hakkila, Antti Hohti,  Anna Laakso), violin (Cecilia Zilliacus, Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch), baroque violin and viola d`amore (Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch), viola (Lilli Maijala), cello (Robert Cohen, Lauri Angervo, Johannes Rostamo), baroque cello (Johannes Rostamo), cembalo and organ (Markku Mäkinen), accordeon (Veli Kujala)


Masterclass for established ensembles (string quartets, piano trios, string trios etc.) Each group will have teaching 5 x 45 minutes, teachers of the masterclasses. Each member of the group will have right to participate in one workshop or course and free entrance to concerts. Participation fee is 260€/member of the ensemble.


The capacity will be allocated by "first applied first served" principle. However, every student will have the right to participate at least in one workshop or course. Please, choose below and indicate your prefered workshops and courses on "additonal information sheet" when filling your application.

A) CHAMBER MUSIC Chamber music tuition for groups from duos to quintets. Please, inform about your preferences  for groups when applying. The groups and the works to be teached are decided after the deadline for the applications. The information about the groups and the works chosen will be available in June. 

B) CHAMBER MUSIC WITH THE ARTIST is a form of tuition  where one member of a group is a performing artist of the festival and working as a tutor in the group. The groups will be formed and the pieces to be worked on will be decided after the deadline for applications. The scores will be delivered to those nominated in the groups in the beginning of June.

In this workshop musician Markku Mäkinen guides you through baroque music performance practices. Pianists will get hands-on experience of playing a harpsichord. Instruction in solo repertoire and continuo playing is provided, according to the participant's interest. You may bring baroque chamber repertoire to the lessons! These 90-minute-group lessons take place three times. Instruction is given in both Finnish and English.

D) WORKSHOP Of PERFORMING SKILLS.  Hands shaking? Hyperventilating? The workshop helps you to find tools you need when you are performing. The methods include various practices and playful theater. You will study performance and the phases included in it. You will learn to recognize your behaviour while performing. The workshop is given by actor Mr. Timo Vuento. No earlier experience in theater or acting is required.


Instructor: Veli Kujala, accordeon

F) 3v43 ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE (1 study point / credit). Alexander Technique is a method to learn to know and understand the balance between body and mind and the interaction between them.  Many performing artists are using the technique.  Music and Alexander technique are a good combination and a week in Nurmes will give you a good starting point to work with art and your inner self.  We will have a close look at our problems and the solutions together. The tuition is given in groups by cellist Mr. Lauri Angervo who is an accredited teacher of Alexander technique. A private session will be provided for each participant. The course belongs to the Open University programme of Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts and entitels credits (one study point)

G) 1v23 HISTORY OF CHAMBER MUSIC (1,5 study points / credits) tutored by Mr. Ville Komppa, M.Mus.  The course includes the history of ensembles and repertoire in the common practice era from the 17th century to late 19th century. There are lectures, printed course material and a final exam. With adequate work the course will give 1,5 credits in Sibelius Academy. You can also take part in the lectures as a passive student.

H) 1v23 MUSIC ANALYSIS  (1 study point / credits) tutored by Mr. Ville Komppa, M.Mus. The theory course focuses mainly on tonal music harmonic phenomenon.  You will study the foundations of form, keys, phrases and harmonic structure of a work of music using examples, literary soruces and by playing. Yes! You will play during this course! A prerequisite for attending is a having complted the course in Music Theory 1 (or D). With active participation and some extra tasks the course will give 1 credit in Sibelius Academy.  Doing the extra tasks  you may also be complete your Music Theory 1 or 2 of your candidate's studies.


Participation at Open University courses entitels credit points. You can also take part in the courses as a passive student. Additional participation fee 20 € / course (excluding the students of Sibelius Academy).

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