Ville Komppa, Chamber music history & Music Analysis

Ville Komppa, Master of Music, works as a lecturer in music theory at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, also studying improvisation and playing together in the teaching of harmony and sound transport. Komppa composes, arranges and performs as a clarinetist, hosts the Tunne Orchestra public lecture series at the Music Hall and the Espoo Cultural Center, and has made classical music programs for Yleisradio and Radio Helsinki.
Komppa's arrangements have been performed by artists such as mezzo-soprano Lilli Paasikivi and conductor Okko Kamu. An example of a large arrangement is the chamber ensemble version of Domenico Cimarosa's opera The Secret Marriage for the Savonlinna Opera Festival for the summer 2011 production of the Savonlinna Academy of Music. As a clarinetist, Komppa is active in the Game Music Collective, among others. Komppa's compositions for Tommy Tabermann's poems to soprano Mari Palo and baritone Juha Hostika, as well as to a band of young top musicians from Finland, will be played at the Kapsäk Theater in the autumn of 2019.
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